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  • Ivo stoyanov

    Ivo stoyanov

  • Svaťa Šimara

    Svaťa Šimara

    Developer interested in Domain-Driven Design & Modeling

  • Nicky Christensen

    Nicky Christensen

    Team Lead & Frontend Tech Lead @ Leadfamly.com — Personal: nickychristensen.dk / twitter.com/nickycdk! Writing about all things that come to mind!

  • Jose Antonio Ribeiro Neto (Zezinho)

    Jose Antonio Ribeiro Neto (Zezinho)

    Author. Big Data Researcher. USA WebCT IT Executive. Director of Education and Technology. Portuguese Brazilian citizen. Peace for everyone. bit.ly/2WDtZUA

  • Erik van Baaren

    Erik van Baaren

    Software developer by day, writer at night. Owner of https://python.land. Subscribe to Medium to read all my articles and those of other writers.

  • Olivia Anderson

    Olivia Anderson

    Olivia is a life coach who specializes in relationships and Psychology. I love writing practical articles that help others live mindful and better life.

  • Marius Bongarts

    Marius Bongarts

    Software Engineering Analyst @ Accenture 🚀 Creator of web-highlights.com 👨‍💻 Support me by becoming a Medium member tinyurl.com/8axm232t 😇

  • Netflix Technology Blog

    Netflix Technology Blog

    Learn more about how Netflix designs, builds, and operates our systems and engineering organizations

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